Hello all the SANHUI doll owners,

Here are some tips to maintain your little princess from SANHUI.


After you receive the package, when you're trying to unwrap her, please do not use tools that might damage her, like a knife, keys, etc. Remove the protective wrapping carefully and slowly.


All the dolls we make are made of platinum cured medical grade silicone, which resists dust and stains and is quite easy to clean. You only need some water to wash the dust off, then dry her. In order to make her skin feel smooth and less tacky, we suggest you powder her with baby powder before each use.


When you are spending time with her, you should also keep yourself away from any sharp objects like a ring or nails. You may purchase a pair of white cotton inspection gloves to additional protection against fingernails. After every use, you can store her in the shipping box or blanket we offer, lying on her back. We suggest your place her on something soft like the packing foam.

It's very important for you to go through the instructions once after you get her, her skeleton has its limits, if you bend her too much, it can cause damage to her.


The dolls are able to stand on their own, but you should not keep them in that position for too long.


Finally, I want to thank you for supporting SANHUI, without you guys, there will be no SANHUI, thanks.

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