Extra Heads

Fitting heads on different models:

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see combination pictures.

165/160cm heads are interchangeable.

160cm head on 145cm body: The head is too large. There wil be a large gap in the neckline so this combination is not recommended.

145cm head on 165/160cm body: The head is too small and the neck is too large. Partial fit can be achieved with an unnatural look and possible damage to the silicone.

Extra head with doll purchase 102cm


No product

SANHUI provides all the available eyes for every purchase.

Eyes for SANHUI 88cm:

Eyes for SANHUI 92/102cm:

Eyes for SANHUI 125cm:

New Round Eyes

Currently the new round eye design is only available for our new 160/165 unreleased heads. They are not compatible with the existing heads. When customers place an order they can specify if they want the old or new head/eye design.

Currently the new round eye design only features one iris and is not replaceable. We are working on another prototype that will be removable. Should they make it into production I will update this section when more information is available.

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