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Name: Sakura Yamamoto 山本 櫻
Age: 20
Hometown: Nakanojo-cho Kuni (中之条町六合), Gunma
Likes: Animals, nature, and hot springs
Dislikes: Noisy cars, rudeness, and big cities

Sakura is a college sophomore who set out to see the big world after living in a small farming village her entire life. Since her community was very small Sakura never had any kids to play with growing up. Her only friends were her Akita Kenichi and her piglet Maru-chi. Being an only child in a traditional Japanese household was tough. Sakura woke up every day at 5am to feed the pigs and tend the fields. She would soak in the natural hot springs every night to wash the grime off her white silken skin and gaze at the stars with Kenichi. After finishing her education at Ikuei Junior College her parents finally allowed Sakura to transfer to Berkeley to study environmental sciences. Studying in the United States was an eye opener for Sakura. She had never experienced a place filled with so many cars and so many people. Her parents were very strict and never let her go to the big cities leading Sakura to possess a shy demeanor. Sakura sat in the back and the class and didn’t talk much and was very surprised at the amount of attention she received from the boys. Those wild American boys could tell that under her conservative clothes Sakura had a large set of C cups sitting on her petite frame not the mention her toned body gained from years of labor on the farm. Day after day she gets requests for dates and her resolve is weakening. Sakura is starting to come out her shell. Will you be the one to see this cherry blossom?

This 145cm body features anatomically correct and accommodating orifices that can be tailored to your size and color preference. The fully pose-able and durable stainless steel skeleton offers a wide range of motion similar to that of a real woman. The skeleton is wrapped in a soft, environmentally friendly foam along with textured skin to simulate the softness and feel of the human body.

Sanhui love dolls are made of elastic and top quality medical grade platinum cured silicone to ensure our customers receive a safe and quality companion that will last years to come.


Height: 145cm (4' 9'')
Weight: 25kg (55lb)
Bust: 73cm (25")
Waist: 50cm (19.6")
Hip: 76cm (30")
Shoulder width: 33cm (13")
Torso (Shoulder to Vagina): 51cm (20.5")
Thigh circumference: 45.5cm (18")
Calf circumference: 29cm (11.5")
Leg Length: 81cm (32.5")
Foot Length: 21cm (8")
Shoes Size: 6
Vaginal Depth: 17cm (6.7")
Anal Depth: 12cm (4.7")
Oral Depth: 10cm (4")

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