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Marya AIO is a Sanhui exclusive one by a co-designed Vendor and the Master Sculptors at Sanhui Love Dolls. AIO (all-in-one) model has integrated head-body with a seamless head-neck joint with rich and delicate details in sculpt, most fine textured skin simulating human skin, and correct anatomical placement of orifices. Whether you're an anime fan or just crazy about hooters, the voluptuous Marya AIO is sure to be the woman of your dreams. Are you ready to meet the woman of your dreams in person?

Marya AIO features anatomically correct and accommodating orifices that can be tailored to your size and color preference. The fully pose-able and durable stainless steel skeleton offers a wide range of motion similar to that of a real woman. The skeleton is wrapped in a soft, environmentally friendly foam along with textured skin to simulate the softness and feel of the human body. Jiggly gel implants differentiate soft parts than the rest of body, such as boobs, belly, inner thighs and soft butt. Soft butt is to support weight of body when laid flat thus by design mild soft--less soft than other jiggly implants.

Sanhui love dolls are made of elastic and top quality medical grade platinum cured silicone to ensure our customers receive a safe and quality companion that will last years to come.


Weight: 31.5kg (70 lb)

Bust: 80cm (32 in.)

Waist: 55cm (22 in.)

Hip: 83cm (33in.)

Upper chest circumference:66cm (26 in.)
Lower chest circumference:60cm (23.6 in.)
Shoulder width:33cm (13 in.)
Torso length (Shoulder to virgina): 51cm (20.5 in.)
Thigh circumference:45.5cm (18 in.)
Crus circumference:29cm (11.5 in.)
Length of leg (Virgina to bottom of foot) 81cm (32.5 in.)
Length of foot: 22cm (8.66 in)

Shoes size EUR 36 / US 5.0 /UK 3.0

Vaginal depth: 18cm

Anal depth: 13cm

Oral depth: 10cm

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