168cm Elven Lorelei

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Name: Lorelei
Age: Immortal
Hometown: Fantasy Land
Likes: hunting, archery, human world

Standing at 5’6” (168cm), this hottie is the tallest love doll offered by AI-SANHUI. Thanks to a new and innovative technique, the 168cm body weighs less than the previous and smaller 165cm body~ Her beauty rivals that of Hooters girl alive, with sexy life-like boobies and an amazing ass! The textured skin creates not only a life-like appearance but also feel as well.


Height: 168cm (5' 6'')
Weight: 34Kg(75lb)
Head Circumference: 49cm (19.3")
Bust: 83cm (33")
Under Bust: 63cm (25")
Waist: 54cm' (21")
Hip: 87cm (34")
Leg Length: 89cm (35")
Foot Length: 22cm (8.7")
Shoes Size: 7
Vaginal Depth: 19cm (8")
Anal Depth: 17cm (6.7")
Oral Depth: 10cm (4")

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