Stephanie: of textured skin, cute kissing lips, boobs of papaya shape

Should you be a Fetish lover, or fancy about Hooters, voluptuous Stephanie (158cm) is ready to meet for all her master's requests, either in jungle, beach or poolside. Be her master at any of your pleasure!

Upon gazes into Stephanie's movable eyes, she longs for your touches on her textured silky skin with pores, very sensitive to touch~ 

158cm #020 Stephanie SANHUI DOLL New Face 2019

Extra Head
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  • Weight: 30kg (66 lb)

    Bust: 81cm (33 in.)

    Under Bust: 60cm (23.5in)

    Waist: 54cm (22 in.)

    Hip: 83cm (33in.)

    Upper chest circumference:66cm (26 in.)
    Shoulder width:34cm (13.5 in.)
    Torso length (Shoulder to virgina): 53cm (22 in.)
    Thigh circumference:45.5cm (18 in.)
    Crus circumference:30cm (12 in.)
    Length of leg (Virgina to bottom of foot)83cm (34 in.)
    Length of foot: 22cm (8.66 in) 
    Shoe size: US/CA Size 6 or slightly larger

    Vaginal depth: 18cm

    Anal depth: 13cm

    Oral depth: 10cm


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