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*160cm Bcup#024 Hono-CE SANHUI Doll New Face 2019

Extra Head
  • Face #024 Hono CE is a sleeping beauty whose starry eyes behind her close eyelids yearn for your magics of loves to open her new life!

    Sanhui love dolls are made of elastic and top quality silicone, lasting  years to come. Platinum silicone is a medical grade platinum cured silicone imported from Japan that is non-toxic, odor-free. Shore hardness 0 degrees and below, enabling multiple custom addons of gel implants, especially super jiggles of boobs and soft inner thighs.  Tear resistance degree at 450Mpa with durable stainless steel used to create the skeleton wrapped and secured in an environmentally friendly soft foam to simulate human muscles. 

Click to watch jiggly implants 

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