Sanhui dolls IIT (implant inner thighs). Compared to regular thighs which is of same softness, Sanhui IIT specialize the enhancement of softness of inner thighs to make these parts tender to touch, much softer than surrounding silicone, adding much realism to the lovely~ Pls see video.

IIT-implant inner thighs-2019 Update

$136.00 Regular Price
$128.00Sale Price
  • Cleanse the doll's vagina by water-wash the vulva and orifice after intimate contacts~ Sanhui apply non-toxic paints that are durable as long as you do NOT rub them hard or use erosive substance. Soap foam or Walch handwash foam can do. More importantly, you are actually free from worrying epilation of “fiber” pubic or allegy to fiber~

Click to watch jiggly implants 

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